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Show Host That Knows Your Event!

People do business with the people who listen. People do business with the people who understand them. Every event has unique requirements. Donna,  provides emcee services and digs deep and asks the right questions in the planning and meeting stages... She listens. Emcees that ask the wrong questions... they don't understand, they are expendable. The role of the emcee starts when the contract is signed not when the person steps on stage. As top personal development coach, Anthony Robbins puts it, 'Successful people ask better questions''.

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Master Of Ceremonies Team

Two heads are better than one. The team with the best players always wins. The force of a punching fist is way more powerful than the force of a finger. With Donna’s team you get dedicated individuals who have worked together for many years & that’s what makes them a force to be reckoned with. We do not believe in slapping something together just to ‘fluff up’ the event. As Michael Jordan says, “There is no “I” in “TEAM” but there is in “WIN”. So if you want the win, get a great Singapore emcee team that knows how to hit home runs for any corporate event.

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High Impact Female Emcee Energy

Passion is energy. Highest energy wins. Your attitude determines your altitude. Donna as the master of ceremonies believes that there’s nothing more exhilarating than being around people who exude the energy of endless possibilities like she does. So for her, on stage, it’s important that she projects a strong, positive & resilient attitude because this will help elevate audiences to unimaginable heights. This is Donna’s forte. She’s like the “Duracell Bunny”. Her batteries never run out.

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She Handles Naughty & Nice

Some audiences are suave, sophisticated and charming. Some are vocal, drunk and disorderly. Some are fun loving, playful and party animals. Donna embraces them all and gives them the freedom to be who & what they want to be. No audience is too tough for Donna. Not all emcees in Singapore, whether male or female have the experience behind them to handle all types of situations & challenges. Even when confronted with ‘Bad Boys,’ she says ‘Boys will be boys’, so ‘Bring em On!’ Strangely enough, she has the expertise to turn these ‘Lions’ into pussycats… who purrrr.

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Multi-Talented Event Emcee Service

She’s a triple threat - Glamour, Fun, Talent. Donna is not just a fabulous female emcee, she’s gorgeous, glamorous & gifted in the art of knowing how to move & entertain audiences of all nationalities, from all walks of life. She’s got a great personality & does comedy with impeccable timing. She has the skill to fuse the right ingredients of wit, energy and humour into any event. Plus she’s also a super talented singer, who sings in many languages, amazing audiences wherever she goes.

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Positivity, The Super Glue That...

… holds things together when everything else falls apart behind the scenes. A positive attitude is not about displaying a phony smile, a happy face and a perky disposition. It is a way of responding to all event challenges that present themselves in a calm manner. A true positive attitude enables you to make a difference in the world around you because when you being the event emcee are able to see things in a positive light, you help to influence and shape other people's attitudes as well.

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Dinner & Dance Emcee Games

Audiences don’t want the same ol’ same ol’. Audience’s attention spans are shorter than ever before. We need to constantly reinvent ourselves. We turn event ideas into awesome experiences. Donna’s show host team embraces all the new technology & strategies out there to heighten and motivate audiences like never before. Be afraid, be very afraid because we are fearless when it comes to coming up with new material & implementing new corporate D&D emcee games. That is, if you’re ‘game’ for it. (Of course it’s all good, clean fun)

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Glamour - Donna's Middle Name

Fashion is now mainstream and attainable to all. Everyone has their unique sense of style. Glamour has the power to rearrange people’s emotions. When the dinner and dance emcee, Donna and her team go on stage to perform, they turn dreams to life and fantasy to reality. She is fanatical about glamour and when it comes to  dinner & dance themes, she takes great pleasure in bringing them to life. I guess it’s the little girl in her but… given the chance, truthfully, everybody loves to play dress up.

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100% Success Guaranteed!

There are risks in running corporate events. When it’s “LIVE”, mistakes are hard to correct. You cannot press the replay button & do it all over again. That moment is gone forever. It’s the mark of a true professional show host, who knows, understands & anticipates what type of challenges can occur when events are ‘live’ & spontaneous. With Donna’s wealth of experience she knows how to be flexible, adaptable and focused. Enough said!

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